SWIFT FRAUD - Straphon Eubanks / Union Trade Company

This horrific financial matter began approximately 6 months ago and involved a financial instrument (SBLC) supplied by Mr John S Diak to Union Trade Company.Union Trade Company owns another entity named the Humanitarian Charitable Foundation. The principal of this foundation is Mr Straphon Eubanks of Lancaster, MA and Albany, NY. The purpose of these two groups is to fund projects across the world using the financial instruments that again were provided by Mr Diak. Starting early May 2017 profits from the trade of the SBLC started to accumulate. Instantly, the first $1mm Euro was ordered paid to Mr Diak by Deutsche Bank, Frankfurt (please see the attached below). The order was signed by an individual, Mr Martin Shepard, shown as a "director" at Union Trade Company. In addition to the $1mm Euro already presented, the Foundation and Union Trade Company owed Mr Diak and additional $5mm Euro that was to be paid out. At this point, the FRAUD really began. Mr Diak at the time was…